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Working with Shereen has been one of the best investments I have made for my business. Before working with shereen i was stuck, i had no business presence, only my vision. She gave me Brand Clarity and Confidence about my business.

Through her Brand Clarity Coaching Program and Done for You Implementation Support, I quickly launched my website, my Ebook and achieved one of my life goals to get published in “Best You Magazine”.

Shereen is a true source of inspiration and kindness. She provides immense value and genuinely cares about the success of her clients.



Afzal Khan

The Health Transformation Coach


Before The Small Business Flow Program, I had the ideas of a launch sequence, but no clue how to actually implement it. The Small Business Flow Program allowed me focus on what I do best: create dynamic content, without having to worry about the stuff that would have sucked the life out of me. Shereen really helped me take hold of the many technical aspects of my launch. There were so many details, from design, to FB ads, to landing page to autoresponders… I do not think I could have done it without her! In the period of 6 months, we packaged products and built an entire system that I can use for not only my current offerings, but future offerings as well. I think the biggest advantage was having someone who was invested in my success. I wasn’t alone in the process and that was wonderful.


Zarinah El Amin Naeem

Founder of Niyah Publishing



hallid-smith“Shereen and her team have successfully completed numerous projects for our organization including Brand development, Website development, Optimization, Marketing and Social Media support services. Shereen delivers a professional service and always manages to exceed our expectations. She has a passionate and talented team and they are a pleasure to work with. I would like to thank you for your ongoing contributions to the success of our business and may you continue to add value to businesses throughout the world.”



Hallid Smith

CEO Greenhouse Business Development Program

South Africa




Shereen Pasha is a hardworking individual, had been committed to the overall vision and goal of our organization. Not only is she technically capable but she also is able to see the big picture and make recommendations on strategic level as well.



Muhammed Faris

Productive Muslim



rachmimiShereen has shown a high standards competency, responsibility and professionalism in making our web sites and social media exposure, in the 1st line of the industry. Shereen is recommended for Media and Web Site making .

I would like to thank you for all the business done, for your passion to make things better and for the dedication you have for your clients .



-David Rachimi – Armed Piracy Defence

United States



linda-hillmanI met Shereen when I was a teacher on WIZIQ. She actually helped me to create a website and build my brand online as I was a life coach wanting to increase my visibility online. Her knowledge in how to execute a user friendly website was invaluable to me. I trusted her ability to help me create a brand that would not only introduce me to the world but would grow as I grew. as a Coach Shereen gets your vision and can bring to life. 




Linda Hillman – Destined to be You empowerment Group

United States


sheree-diamondShereen has been helping me for all my programming and website needs since 2010. I have expanded my business and have clients that face challenges with their websites, Shereen is my go-to person when I need assistance with websites. I can always count on her to figure out the issue and resolve whatever the challenge is quickly. I highly recommend her! One of my clients calls her “The Wonder Woman” so that should say it all!! Don’t hesitate to hire Shereen for all your website needs. You’ll be happy you did!!!



Sheree Diamond

United States


Thank you Shereen for having worked on our website project and delivered a great website to our Multispecialty Clinic. I am greatly impressed by your professionalism and attitude of going beyond the call of duty to deliver the project, which was much beyond the original scope. Your enthusiasm for the design work, and implementation have made our site stand out as a great marketing tool. I would also like to say thank you for engaging with our team at odd hours given the global time difference and agreeing to maintain / continually update our site.

On behalf of Primecare team, I am happy for the customer service we have got and have no hesitation in recommending your work to others and will spread the word around whenever we can.

Dr. Sayeed Ahmed
Director, Primecare (India)

England, UK


“I had a great time talking with Sr. Shereen and found it very easy to open up to her, considering that I was nervous about taking the first step to speak about my concept. Sr. Shereen is a very professional individual and has a very nice calm demeanor. I was impressed with the amount of knowledge and experience she had and I was also pleasantly surprised with how little information she needed from me to understand my business plan very quickly. This conversation definitely helped me gain clarity and confidence in going ahead with a project I was uncertain about pursuing it. Thank you very much for you guidance I look forward to working with you very soon!”

-Ms. Bhatti, Washington


 I have had a business consultation session with Shereen Pasha and I must admit it has far exceeded my expectations. She is a real expert in the business field, very friendly and gives professional advice catered to my business which has been so helpful. I have done a lot of business research and planning for my business in the past but this consultation has been a real eye opener. She gives very detailed feedback which has been very beneficial and I look forward to implementing.  I am very pleased with the consultation and would recommend her to any business women looking to improve in their field. I look forward to working with Shereen in the future in sha Allah.
Houriyah Abdul-Rahman

England, UK


Since my Marketing Consultation with Shereen I have gained a further FIVE new customers in a month, just by following her instructions! That’s what I call a SUCCESS

– Julia Dawn Willis – Durham, UK


“Before Small Business Flow Consulting with Shereen I had a lot of ideas on what potential businesses I wanted to do but little clarity about where to focus my time and how to get started.  One of my problems is that I get excited about so many things that I make little progress on anything.  Being mentored by Shereen made me feel much better about where to get started and how I could use my own personal story to build my business.  She worked with me to help me get clarity on what skills I have now that I could leverage to get things going and how that can translate into other things for me in the future which solves my problem of getting started and being able to incorporate multiple ideas!  She created a plan for me to follow to get started and I know it’s going to help me stay focused and get some real traction.  Shereen was so insightful  I felt like I had the steps I need to make serious progress.”

–  Frannie Coggeshall

The constructive consultation really was tailored towards my business needs and industry centered. I appreciate the clarity you have given me today and you have revealed and set out areas for me to focus on that were not so apparent before. I will take on board your suggestions and guidance to help improve my business and to improve myself as an entrepreneur.

Positive motivation and business clarity was a major benefit from this session which has left me hunger for more in depth advice and coaching from you.

I look forward to working one to one with you in extensive detail to help expand my business empire!

Many Thanks
Hadeba Shah

  England, UK


I got in contact with Shereen via the Muslim Women Business Coaching forum at the beginning of 2014. I can happily say that just one 30 minute conversation with this sister helped me to gain clarity with what I wanted to do with my business. She took time to research my business before having spoken to me, she understood my goals and helped me to clear the fog and make a decision as to how to move forward with my business. Very motivating and knowledgeable in her field.

Sarah Hussain – Norak



I had a branding consultation session with Shereen. She listened patiently and allowed me to discuss my options, questions and queries without rushing. She respectively challenged my obstacles providing a solution at every step with why, what and how was required for me to move forward. She also summed up the potential outcome and benefit that I and my business would gain from her expertise. The session also went a bit over time; yet there was no rushing. Interestingly she also shared her background and struggles along with how she became a sought after specialist in her niche. I have spoken to other similar experts in the field yet she has a great breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise in her areas. I have no hesitation or reluctance in recommending Shereen for her expertise of branding, marketing, seo and other areas. She delivers much more than agreed upon and really knows her stuff. She really believes in the potential of each of her clients.

Mubashar Latif, NLP Trainer, Coach and Hypnotherapist

England, UK



“I had a Small Business Flow Consulting Session with Shereen. I appreciated  her sense of the bigger, broader picture of what it takes to set-up and establish an online business! I was feeling overwhelmed but the idea that I will receive a step-by-step action plan allowed me to not drift off into fog land, or further digress. But rather, allowed me to know there is a clear path forward–which in this moment is invaluble! ”

– Shawna Barnes

Football Coach


” I was struggling with my website and did not know how to get clarity in getting people to call me. I had a Marketing Coaching Session with Shereen. Shereen suggested a very clear cut and precise way of putting in steps – small changes that would help clients to book calls with me.”

Sunaina Athena

Founder of Athena Life Coaching


“It was so great to have the Small Business Flow Coaching Session with you!
You helped me get clarity on what are the future steps I need to take in order to put thoughts into action and start today!
You also very quickly created the big picture and underlined the small steps I need to start with.
Thank you also for the boost of confidence, ideas and follow up!.It’s been great having you as a mentor and surely I will reach out to you as I move forward with my business!”
– Adyna Camelia



I would like to thank you again for giving me the chance to discuss with you my challenges and struggles as a start-up. It was so beneficial to listen to someone experienced as you are. The tools you mentioned were very useful.

I wish you all the best in your career and life.”


Civil Engineer , Social Entrepreneur.


“I had a Website Audit Coaching Session with Shereen Pasha. She is a passionate entrepreneur and she is committed to her work. She gave me tips on how to improve my website and how to make it look and feel more compelling to my website visitors. Her analysis was detailed and her approach was friendly and professional. It was a pleasure to get assistance from her.”

-Sanjida Shaheed

Founder of Studio Hubb