Your Path Towards Greatness



This week, I was researching and reading content around GREATNESS.

What really makes us great?...

...And how can we really make sure that we are striving towards it every day?

But first of all, we need clarity around what we define as GREATNESS.

During my research, few things kept showing up and this is what I personally believe in as well.

Greatness is...

INTENTIONAL LIVING with service & contribution.


Greatness begins with KINDNESS.



To help, to lead & to serve others - and in the process making others GREAT.

Through service, we develop true strength.

Have you been serving with excellence?

Are you focused on the details?

What would you do if you would not fail or have fear of judgment?

Your step towards your greatness is calling you to BE BRAVE!


Do not shrink yourself to make others feel comfortable.

The promises you made to yourself - are important!

As a child, I had made some promises to myself - to be of service to my parents, to my siblings and it's still a big part of my life mission.

I make sure, I take my personal responsibility to keep those promises to myself even when I see status quo standing against me - I know if I won't do that I will never feel accomplished and fulfilled.

We can't please everyone, but we all can surely live our best to lead ONE TRIBE at a time.


It's time to re-align yourself and pursue your path towards mastery, excellence, and contribution.

The world needs compassionate leaders like you.

I truly believe in your path towards YOUR GREATNESS!


Big Love,


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