What matters in life & business as a high performing Coach/Therapist/Trainer?


Sometimes you need clarity.

Sometimes you know it - but you're stuck to make those choices and decisions.

e.g. you know that you need to be visible to grow your business- yet you struggle with that.

You know that working dollars by hours is not a sustainable business model, but you keep going back to what feels safe & comfortable.

You know, your stressful lifestyle is no longer serving your health and well-being - yet you're not able to make the important changes.

You know you struggle with cash flow in your business - yet you're inconsistent with lead generation activities.

While I support coaches & trainers with high-end strategy & implementation support - I'm always researching on what truly motivates people to outperform and strive for their next level.

There are many drivers that play a role in why some people self-sabotage & others follow-through, however, I believe each one of us has the potential to turn our life and business around at any time!


Turn your life & business around. 

Get my weekly motivation & accountability to FOLLOW-THROUGH on what matters the most.


Weekly Motivation to Turn your Life & Business around!


Develop courage, consistency and confidence to lead yourself towards what matters the most.

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About Shereen

Shereen is a Brand Clarity Strategist & Launch Manager. Over a decade, Shereen has been helping coaches, trainers and transformation professionals to brand and launch their offerings and programs.

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Through her intensive 1-1 done-for-you VIP support, she helps her clients have stress-free & profitable launches by developing strong strategies & taking care of all their creative and technical details.

Through her programs, She has helped her clients clarify their brand, double their lists, deploy powerful launch strategies and turn their yearly income into quarterly.

She is an IT gold medalist, public speaker, an ambitious daughter & a mother who believes in women empowerment & personal leadership.