Online Business Management & Launch Support for Speakers, Coaches, Healers & Trainers

Who you are?

  • You’re an ambitious coach, healer, transformation professional successfully running your practice for few years.

  • Your business is rapidly growing or you’re soon to have a launch

  • You’re ready to up-level your practice with marketing automation and leveraged offerings to take it to 6 ot 7 figures.

What your issues tend to be?

  • You’re overwhelmed, stressed and struggling to the get the time to work ON YOUR practice.

  • You’ve reached your capacity ceiling.

  • You’re still performing some or most of the repeatable tasks in your practice.

  • Your growth is stagnating as there is no more time to launch new offerings.

  • You have no systems and SOPs setup.

  • You’re overworked and struggling to take time off with family

What you need the most right now

  • Focus on the creative, revenue-generating ideas

  • Start developing your dream team

  • Hire an OBM who can help you strategise and streamline your practice

  • Invest in better systems & technology

  • Optimize your existing systems to handle bigger capacity while still delivering the high touch experience that so thrills your clients.

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Launch Planning, Creative Implementation & Ongoing Management



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support you can get:

Brand Clarity

Client Management

Client On-boarding

Team Management

Community Management

Program Management

Launch Planning & implementation

Program Packaging

Website Facelifting

Setting up Funnels

Creating Images on Canva

Social Media Branding

Tracking Analytics

Marketing Plan

Strategic Planning

Tech Training

Tech Support

Improving Business Processes

Strategy Consultation



It includes landing pages, marketing workflows and lead nurturing programmes, list segmentation, lead scoring, CRM integration and social media automation. With the right platfor and the right implementation, this can be a powerful ‘back end’ to your marketing – you drive website visitors with content and traffic strategies, and then the marketing automation kicks in to convert those visitors into sales or sales-ready leads.