Pinterest Marketing for Coaches


An introduction to PInterest and how you can use it as an influencer for your coaching business.


Pinterest is a social media tool to increase your exposure and expand as a coach.


•       It is platform to organize photos into files (boards). Each photo, or pin, is usually just a bookmark for a web page of your interest.

•        Examples of boards could be “Committing to your goals” or “How to attract more clients’. Then are images are pinned from sites that help organize our thoughts or bookmark great ideas we can return to.

•        You will learn and grow to be an expert by following boards of other people whose content you think is useful.

•        Every time a follower ads a new pin it will show on your newsfeed. You have the option to ‘repin’ it to your own board if you find it helpful.


To simply explain the power of social reach in on Pinterest all you need is to know the percentage of repins.  It is a whooping 80%.  When you pin amazingly good visual content once, you get repins, ongoing, for years. They are not just from your boards but from any board where your content has been re pinned.


An estimated 200 million monthly users rely on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.  Interestingly about 80% of Pinterest users are female and 30% of them are in the ages of  25-34 years old.  A niche demographic for many coaches to find good exposure. Increasingly we see more men are coming on board Pinterest as well.


A call to action pin gets an 80% boost in engagement.  As coaches we always try to get people to act on our call-to-action. Isn’t that the real key when we create content? Well, Pinterest is clearly a place to make that dream a reality. Not pinning now, just seems like a lost opportunity.


If you are new to Pinterest marketing, remember to create a business account. You can start with some inspiring boards, pinning  and  creating a few product or service boarding, pinning content of others.